Searching for the Light, Journey of the Heart

In January 2015 I joined  a class on Visual Storytelling at Maine Media College in Rockport. 

Throughout the course of the winter I took photographs without a specific project in mind. I explored various locations taking exposures whenever interesting light captivated me. Light became my subject. At first, I explored the winter landscapes, stormy ocean shores and quiet forests covered in snow.  When the weather turned for the worse, I stayed inside, drawn particularly to artists’ studios, fascinated by the spaces where artists create and the tools they use. So often these spaces serve as sanctuaries from the outside world. And yet, it is in their studios that artists transform external experiences and inspirations into works of art. Finally, as the winter culminated, I photographed in my own house, focusing on the objects of every day life.

When the time came to select images and create a story, I imagined a physical passage from the outdoors into the private space of someone’s house. At the same time, I pictured a personal journey, perhaps a process of getting to know someone, from the first formal encounter to the intimate moments of every day. And as we walk these paths, we can see windows along the way. They bring views of the outside, the places we have been, the experiences that shape us today and inspire us to create. And they offer a glimpse of the world beyond, a promise of what may come.