Mid air

I am waiting at the airport, a book handy and a carry-on full of camera gear and unexposed rolls of film. It is quiet, late at night, no people watching, usually so abundant, to distract my thoughts.  After living overseas for more than ten years coming to my hometown feels almost surreal. New experiences and time gone sheds new light on the past. In the Czech Republic, I walk through the narrow winding streets, greet people I know, breath in the air damp from the river. I am home. Life abroad, so real, the world of now and next month, starts to feel distant, gradually Czech replaces English in my thoughts, even the silent ones.  My family does not know the people and places that make my every-day, only from stories.

Another airport, another flight. Midair between two continents, suspended between two worlds, I am at peace. 

I pass through the border control, going through immigration has got easier over the years, my cell phone rings with messages from close friends. Are you back yet? I breathe in the ocean air. I am home.